"Who Else Wants To Bowl Like A
Pro - Plain And Simple?"

Dear Friend,

Hello, My name is Fred Gruner and I learned to Bowl many years ago from a master. In college, my friends and I decided to join a Bowling league with no experience, and we proceeded to get destroyed by our competition every week. After about half a season, we decided to get some help. That's when we took lessons from Mike Braun, a true master. After two lessons my average went up 30 points a game. Before the end of that first season, I bowled a 277 game, and my friends and I won the league. My friends bowled in classic leagues for many years and all have 300 games to show. The thing that shocked me the most was that the skills and tricks to the game were basic, and anyone could learn them easily.

Feel free to browse all the articles on this site for the tricks of the game, or sign up for the e-mail Mini-Course where I cover many of the basic skills and tricks that will improve your game significantly.

Inside you'll discover...

  • Choosing the weight of the ball - How do you determine the optimal weight for you and your game.
  • The three cover materials for bowling balls - Which shots do you use each one for.
  • Why you should have a custom drilled bowling ball and how it will improve your game.
  • What are bowling pins made of and why.
  • How bowling shoes are different than regular shoes, and why they are necessary to play.
  • What are the important rules of bowling etiquette you should know so that you don't annoy your fellow bowlers
  • What's on the surface of the bowling alley which affects the fundamental play of the game, and how to use it to your advantage.
  • How to throw the ball, and get a consistent shot time after time.

yes, Fred!  i want to learn the simple secrets of the bowling masters!

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