Bowl Like A Pro, The Secret Book Of The Masters

Great Tips for Fast Bowling Games

When you go bowling you have to wait for your turn. Cutting in line when you are bowling with others is extremely bad etiquette. If you rush when you are going to throw, it will affect your score, so when it’s your turn take the time to make your throw count, otherwise, take a back seat and hope to hit a score of 100.

There are some tips to consider when bowling in groups that will not only speed up your wait time but also help you bowl accurately.  Pass this information along to your group the next time you go bowling.

Be prepared when it is your turn.  Walk up to the lane and throw your shot down the lane, but do so with concentration.  You must have your head in the game to reduce distractions of fellow bowlers or cackles from the bar.  If you can’t prepare yourself you will not offer a solid game, your throws will be slow and you won’t hit your target accurately.
Nobody wants to bowl when other bowlers are having a horrible night, even if it is only one teammate.  Help boost team morale by keeping your head in the game so you can reach optimum bowling performance levels.  If you set the tone other bowlers will follow and you’ll have a positive experience bowling.

House balls are made cheaply and only to sustain the game.  Bowling alleys just meet the minimum requirements for ball standards so you should possess at least two kinds of bowling balls, a urethane and reactive resin ball.  Plastic bowling balls are fine, and are good to learn with.  If you want to finish your game early you have to possess the right type of bowling ball to get the job done.  Urethane balls can be used for both straight and hook deliveries.  Plastic balls don’t offer the same delivery but it is possible to throw a decent hook if you are an experienced bowler.  Use the right ball to get the job done and you’re frames will pass by with great scores.

Street shoes aren’t going to help your game.  Invest in the right equipment to get the right outcome, and bowling shoes are the bread and butter for bowling.  They were designed to grip and slide polished wood.  Practice sliding forward before every release to realize how convenient your new bowling shoes are and how much they improve your throw.  It’s okay to rent bowling shoes when starting out, just invest in personal bowling shows down the road.
Follow through is very important to your throw.  Remember follow through when bowling is easy to accomplish.  Keep your arm outstretched, even after releasing the ball.  This is good form and helps muscle memory for throwing consistent bowling balls at the targeted pin.  Some bowlers pull their hand back too soon and it slows down the ball, reduces accuracy, and affects the score of the game.  Follow through seems silly but it’s an overlooked part of the entire movement of a fast delivery.