Bowl Like A Pro, The Secret Book Of The Masters

Strikes in Bowling

Bowlers are always dreaming to throw a perfect game every time they play.  A strike is equivalent to a score of ten, so the more strikes you throw during a game, the greater the chance of having a perfect score of 300.  Here are a few crumbs of information to help you throw a consistent strike anytime you are bowling.  Your friends will be in awe, and fellow leaguers will be recruiting you to join their team when you master the strike.

Many new bowlers don’t really understand the need for a consistent strike position.  The strike position is determined by the style of shot you implement.  Tuning your throws will help you get comfortable and also hone in your strike position, unique to your bowling style.  Bowlers can produce effective strikes with straight throws, and others might cater more to the hitting the side pins, 7, 5 and 10 with excellent, placed hook deliveries.

There is a myth in bowling, that when the head pin is smashed with a bowling ball that it will always generate a strike. This is not an accurate statement.  The head pin is always a main target but hitting it straight on will not always guarantee a strike.  Straight shots usually knock out center pins leaving the side pins exposed.  There is a 50 / 50 chance of getting a strike with the straight shot on a head pin. 

The solution for knocking pins to the floor from the head pin is implementing the hood throw.  The hook throw has more energy and pops the pins around harder and faster than a straight delivery.  When you throw a hook your ball will travel in a straight line and immediately curve just before hitting the head pin and other front pins.  The curved trajectory is effective for eliminating pins that aren’t stuffed behind the head pin.

Attempt to throw your bowling ball in a way so it rolls to the right if you are throwing right-handed of the bowling lane or throw to the left if left handed.  Your ball will occupy the last few boards before the gutter.  A miscalculated toss can result in a gutter ball so be careful on your delivery and release of the bowling ball.  When discovering your strike position, you will only continue to get better to hit that perfect score of 300.

Targeting the far right or far left part of the bowling lane will ensure your bowling ball curves at the right place at the right time.  When this time is met the ball will finally hook and will hit the area that is directly behind the main, or head pin.  This is the sweet spot for strikes.  If you can hit his part of the pin consistently then you will be able to deliver a strike almost all of the time.  It’s a tough trick to grasp, and takes a lot of time and patience to identify this position but proves to be a worth point setter the next time you bowl.